5 Cloud Computing Examples That Can Empower Your Business

Cloud computing is the hottest technology today with over 90% of all businesses either implementing cloud computing or at least considering it. Many even consider it a game changer. However, most businesses have yet to realize its full potential.  The technology is essential untapped just waiting for the right innovator. Cloud computing’s greatness goes way beyond IT. It has the potential to change your entire business into something spectacular. For proof, here are a few cloud computing examples that not only save IT costs but have become disruptive elements of their own.

Email Anywhere and On the Go

Your first taste of cloud computing was probably webmail. You may not have realized that webmail was among the cloud computing examples, but it is one of the most important. Email communication plays a central role in all of our lives. Without cloud computing, this can cause problems if you travel a lot. You had to find a good Wi-Fi hotspot or properly set up your phone to download your mail. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other webmail providers changed this. While you still need a good mobile, you only need a web browser.

Internet and cloud based data storage

Every business can use extra data storage. Accessing that data comes with the same problems as email. Fortunately, there are several cloud computing examples that can provide all the space you will ever need. Cloud storage, or internet storage as it is often called, lets you store your documents, customer records, and important data online where you can access them whenever and wherever you need them. Some of these cloud computing examples include Humyo, ZuoDrice, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon’s S3.

Instant Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to any business. You need to consult with your peers and partners for almost every project. However, downloading your files to a flash drive, email documents, and sending mail just does not cut it in today’s fast passed world. It may have been one of the later cloud computing examples to come online, but internet collaboration suites such as Google Wave are slowly catching on with many businesses. Similar to instant messaging but broader in scope, internet collaboration services can reduce a month-long project down to a few hours. Other similar cloud computing examples include Spicebird, Mikogo, Stixy, and Vyew.

Your Virtual Office

Virtual offices take internet collaboration to a whole new level. These cloud computing examples are when we think about when we hear cloud computing. Their complexity is why they took so long to materialize. Cloud computing examples such as Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office 365 have changed the way we think about business software. Rather than having a computer resource-hogging suite of application such as a word process, spreadsheet and other publishing platforms, you can work online instead. On top of that, these online suites let you collaborate with your coworkers and partners from all over the world.

Your Virtual Mainframe

Mission critical projects need lots of computing power. Fortunately virtual machine cloud computing examples can get you all the power and resources you need.  These cloud environments combine the resources of several physical systems to tackle your problems. You can also customize these environments to meet your specific needs. Cloud computing examples such as EC2, AbiCloud, and NASA’s Nebula saves you from having to buy several different computers and then try to get them to work together. These services let you completely outsource these tasks to a suite of online resources.

There are of course many other cloud computing examples out there. New ones come online every day. There may even be cloud computing examples that we have yet to conceive. Whatever the future may hold, your business can only benefit from it.

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